Our Facilities

MicroMécanique owns equipments and know-how to measure exactly the geometry and the dimensions of all productions, and insure by using Laser engraving the traceability of each produced parts.


Contrôle Micromécanqiue

Control and Traceability facilities :


1 Digital 3D measuring machine WENZEL µstar LH65 XYZ axis: 650 x 750 x 500 mm
1 Contourgraph  MAHR Mahrsurf XC20
3 Column gauges TRIMOS - MITUTOYO On surface plate capacity: 1000 x 630mm / measuring capacity 600mm and 970 mm
4 Horizontal and vertical profile projectors BATY - MITUTOYO - NIKON - ORAMA Ø 400mm screen / Magnification options: x10/x 20/x 50 / x100 diascopy and episcopy
1 Stereo-microscope JENOPTIK G.S.Z. 10 to 50 zoom
1 Dial gauge DIGIMATIC On 0.001mm resolution surface plate / 50mm stroke
1 Set of measuring pins   From 0.5 to 10 / in 0.01 steps
1 Surface finish tester MITUTOYO  Surftest 211

Laser engraving

1 Laser engraving machine LASERVALL 115mm x 115mm work surface