Benefits of Tungsten Carbide

carbure MicroMécanique

Tungsten carbide (chemical symbol  WC) is a combination of carbon and tungsten.  The latter has the highest melting point (3422 °C) of all metals, the lowest vapour pressure and the highest tensile strength at temperatures over 1650° C; meaning "heavy stone" in Swedish, tungsten is mostly used in compound or alloy form, such as tungsten carbide, and its main use is in the mechanical engineering industry. Extremely hard, components made from tungsten carbide withstand the multiple demands of intensive production environments and have to be machined by ceramic or diamond tools. These WC components can withstand high compression forces whilst having good wear characteristics and oxidation resistance characteristics at high-temperatures. That is why our customers appreciate the quality of the tools which we produce as they have a much longer life cycle than parts made from treated steel.